A Look at What Drives Hemmer Design


Sometimes we get asked why we wanted to start a collaborative design studio that focuses on apparel innovation in Cincinnati, Ohio. When we hear this question, we often give the expected answers: “Cincinnati is a great place going through an amazing renaissance of creativity,” “Innovation is at the heart of the growth of this city,” and, “We want to help support the local economy.” What we don’t often say is that Cincinnati has had a bright and prolific history when it comes to fashion and apparel.

Don’t believe us? Check out these three companies that call(ed) Cincinnati home.


3 Influential Cincinnati Apparel Companies


Arthur Nash Corp

Arthur Nash - The cover of "The Nash Journal" (Volume 1, #52, November 28, 1927)

The Arthur Nash Corporation was founded by Arthur Nash in 1918 with a focus on making men’s clothing. In 1919, Nash was approached by a local garment manufacturer about purchasing his operation.

Nash agreed to the purchase and soon found himself the sole-proprietor of what would turn out to be, unbeknownst to Nash, a sweatshop. As soon as Nash was made aware of what he purchased, he decided to give everyone in the company a raise citing the Golden Rule from the Bible as his reason for doing so.

Nash’s company went on to be hugely successful. He found that the better he treated his employees, the harder they worked and the more loyal they became, which lead to the Arthur Nash Corporation becoming a heavyweight in the garment manufacturing industry.

Eventually, Nash even traveled around the US promoting his book, “The Golden Rule in Business,” and giving speeches, which helped to spread his revolutionary business practices around the world.

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Founded in Cincinnati in 1917, Korchmar is a family-owned manufacturer of high-quality leather goods including briefcases, travel bags, and accessories. Although no longer centered out of Cincinnati, OH, Korchmar is still going strong! These days, Korchmar is headquartered out of Naples, FL, but that doesn’t mean the company has forgotten its roots.

Photo Credit: Korchmar.com

Four generations in, and Korchmar is still creating the high-quality products and practicing the same commitment to excellence as they sought out to pursue when they first founded their company in Cincinnati a century ago.

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Standard Textile

Photo Credit: Standardtextile.com

Founded in Cincinnati in 1940, Standard Textile has gone on to become a vertically integrated business that specializes in creating durable, long-lasting, affordable textiles for the healthcare, hospitality, and workwear industries.

Standard Textile prides themselves on the business culture they have created over the past 70+ years, which focuses on both innovation and quality of service. With more than 70 patents currently to their name, it’s difficult to overlook the mark they have made in the textile industry.

Leveraging textile design, manufacturing and laundry expertise, as well as their global infrastructure, they serve customers in the institutional apparel marketplaces worldwide. 

For more information on Standard Textile, Click here.


Here at Hemmer Design, we believe in the power of learning from others. And, we feel that there is a wealth of information that can be learned from the history of Cincinnati, especially from the successes of the companies mentioned above. Which is why we believe that by taking these lessons to heart, we can show the world what Cincinnati is truly capable of! Bringing the apparel industry back to Cincinnati may not be easy, and yes, it may take a lot of hard work. But we’re committed to this vision, and we hope you will support us along the way!