The Hottest Dance Party of the Year: Cincinnati Ballet's Club B: Grace + Grit

The Hottest Dance Party of the Year

With two amazing art museums (the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Contemporary Arts Center), one of the highest ranking design schools in the country (UC’s DAAP), the always wonderful SCPA, the world-renowned Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and the just-as-highly esteemed Cincinnati Ballet, it’s safe to say that Cincinnati takes art and design pretty seriously.

Which is why we were both flattered and humbled when we recently got the opportunity to partner up and help out with the Cincinnati Ballet’s Club B: Grace + Grit event! Grace + Grit was promoted as the hottest dance party of the year, and we’ve got to admit, it definitely lived up to the hype!

This year’s Club B event sought to juxtapose the two driving forces it takes to be a ballet dancer in our contemporary world: grace and grit. Ballet dancers need the grace to display perfection on stage and the grit to survive the grueling training behind the curtain.

Club B: Grace + Grit successfully brought these opposing forces to life in the form of Cincinnati’s hottest dance party. The night consisted of dinner, dancing and cocktails. Upscale casual dress was accented by a backdrop of rough-and-tumble details while MadTree Brewery set an industrial backdrop.

In true Cincinnati Ballet fashion, the event sold out and went off without a hitch. The flash mob coordinated by Danfix and choreography displayed by the Cincinnati Ballet’s Second Company were simply amazing!

If you happened to be one of the unfortunate few that weren’t able to make it out to this year’s event, you’re in luck! We put together this beautiful photo essay to show you some of our favorite details, so you don’t make the same mistake next year!