The Struktur Event 2017--Focusing on the Future

Spring is certainly in the air! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and creatives from all different parts of the active, outdoor, and urban design industries are gearing up to head out to Portland for the 4th annual Struktur Event!

Co-Founders of the Struktur Event: Michelle Rose and Sam Ward

Struktur is a creative conference held each spring in Portland, OR (this year’s event will be held on April 25th-27th). Founded four years ago by the creative duo of Michelle Rose and Sam Ward, Struktur has always sought out to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere where designers and industry professionals can gather to share ideas, build relationships, and tackle the important topics of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Year over year, Michelle and Sam have done an amazing job landing some of the most interesting speakers in the industry, and this year’s event is no different. Keynote speakers like Amy Ross (Lead engineer at NASA on the Mars spacesuit), Michael DiTullo (Chief Design Officer at Sound United), and Jan Chipchase (Futurist at Studio D Radiodurans) not only pack serious credentials or promise attention-grabbing presentations, but also define the theme of this year’s event: Inflection Points.

Amy Ross: Lead Engineer at NASA on the Mars Spacesuit

Futurists describe inflection points as moments when the range of possible futures suddenly shifts. These shifts in the range of possible futures are especially important to designers who have to prepare themselves for success in our rapidly changing world. As technologies continue to advance active, outdoor, and urban design, industry professionals must work at the intersection of innovation and technology to create novel products for the future.

Struktur points out on their website that “against the backdrop of disruptions in climate, trade, and manufacturing, new practices of generative design, bio-materials, and automation are moving into focus. Sustainability and ‘Made in America’ stories are shifting from novelty to necessity. As technical and performance gear continue to merge into the mainstream, the active and outdoor industries are well positioned to be a major influencer in what we wear.”

This year’s event focuses on identifying these inflection points, sharing ideas about how to get ahead of the curve, and creating new relationships that will help lead to new design solutions.

So, if you’re looking for an event that’ll help you set yourself up for future success, make sure to check out Struktur Event 2017.

And, if you’re already planning on attending, make sure to find the Hemmer Design team and say hello! We’ll be curating a fun, interactive, experience project, and we’d love to see your smiling faces!

For more information about Struktur, check out their website here, or this more detailed preview from Trend Insight.