Art & Design + Brunch = One Amazing Day

Here at Hemmer Design, we think of ourselves as incredibly fortunate to live in the beautiful city of Cincinnati – a place that boasts a community filled with amazing, creative people. We are even luckier to call so many of these creatives our friends. We love finding ways to pull these awesome people together to share meals, brainstorm around concepts and ideas, and work on projects. Having such a close-knit community of movers, shakers, and outside-of-the-box thinkers is nothing short of amazing and something we don’t want to get overlooked.

Which is why, over the past several months, my sister, Jessica Hemmer, has been hosting brunches where we’ve gathered together all our favorite people in one room to share an undoubtedly delicious, collectively curated meal once a month.  We love the effortlessness of the atmosphere that has naturally taken shape. People can share thoughts and ideas without pressure, all while connecting with old friends and meeting new people month over month. 

This month we decided to try something a little bit different. So, we reached out to our good friend Aaron Kent over at DIY Printing and came up with the idea to have a screen printing brunch!

Aaron was nice enough to let us invade his studio and provide us with everything we needed for a super fun, relaxing, art-filled day. And, after a short demonstration from Aaron on how to do monoprinting with screens, we all set off to create our own unique prints.

The day was absolutely awesome, and everyone created some really fun, and amazing work. Lucky for you, we decided to document it all, so you could see just how great it was. Check out our photo essay below, and let us know if you ever want to get involved! We’re certain we’ll be doing this again sometime soon.